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Sustainable Development in Peripheral Regions

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This publication was created thanks to the cooperation of the Institute of Regional and Global Studies of the University of Warsaw with the Peruvian Pontifical Catholic University in Lima and other universities from Latin America, Asia and Europe... czytaj więcej

Sustainable Development in Peripheral Regions

Redakcja naukowa Mirosława Czerny i Wojciech Doroszewicz
Date of realise: 2016-01-14
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Warszawa 2015
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This publication is an effect of collaboration of the Institute of Regional and Global Studies of the University of Warsaw with the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru in Lima and other universities from Latin America, Asia and Europe. A collection of selected texts is devoted to sustainable development of peripheral regions in Latin America and some parts of Europe (Albania, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Spain) and Asia (Nepal). These texts discuss natural, social and cultural conditions and possibilities of development of rural regions and peripheral urban areas, with particular attention to mountainous regions, as well as possibilities of tourism development in rural areas. They fall within the current discussion carried out in the academic environment and planning on the opportunities and constraints to the development of peripheral areas.

Keywords: sustainable development, peripheral regions, Latin America, Albania, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Spain, natural conditions, social conditions, cultural conditions, rural regions, peripheral urban areas, mountainous regions, tourism.

Alejandro Cabeza Perez,
A natural environment and cultural landscape approach to community rural heritage preservation

Maria Geralda De Almeida,
Agroecological sites as expressions of territorial identities and as perspectives to the traditional marginal populations development .

Mary Sandra Guerra Ashton,
Eurico De Oliveira Santos,
Creative tourism: perspectives and challenges for development of rural areas .

Kamal Maiya Pradham,
Cultural tourism and Nepal

Wojciech Doroszewicz,
Environment and sustainability in Sierra de Piura, Peru

Felipe Albino Gervacio,
Environmental impacts of development in Mexico City, Mexico, 1980–2012

Maria Antonia Correa Serrano,
Foreign direct investment and environment in the Toluca-Lerma industrial zone

Jhoan Sebastian Jaramillo Peralta,
Hildebrando Ramirez Arcila,
Generating sustainable development through the alternative treatment of water for human consumption

William H. Alfonso Pina,
Clara Ines Pardo Martinez,
Health, urbanization and suburbanization in Bogota and neighboring municipalities

Mirosława Czerny,
Andrzej Czerny,
How to understand sustainable development in peripheral rural regions?

Axhemi Sokol,
Hamiti Resul,
Identification of the relations between socio-geographic space and sustainable development. Case study: Malësia e Madhe in Albania

Nicole Bernex,
Maynas, an unsustainable territory

Maria-Jose Prados,
Angeles Barral Maria,
Claudia Hurtado Rodriguez,
Julia Maria Lourenco,
On the fringe: tracking and evaluating changes in land use in the areas surrounding three parks in Spain and Portugal

Ana Sabogal,
Problems of sustainable rural development in the highlands of Piura, Peru

Camile Bonotto,
Eurico De Oliveira Santos,
Problems of the development of tourism in the rural area of the region of Caminhos de Pedra: Bento Goncalves/RS, Brazil

Carmen Delgado Vinas,
Recent changes of ways of life and livelihood in the Spanish rural mountain areas

Rocio Lopez de Juambelz,
San Gabriel de Azteca cemetery as heritage to save people’s identity

Maria Fernanda Lopez Sandoval,
Felipe Valdez,
Spatiotemporal patterns of agricultural and settlement frontier in the tropical Andes of Northern Ecuador: a socio-ecological perspective

Guillermo Torres Carral,
Sustainable development and marginal rural areas in Mexico

Diana Rebeca Villarreal Gonzalez,
Johny Juvencio Morales Basilio,
Sustainable development in 4 fraccionamientos from Fomento Metropolitano Monterrey (Fomerrey), Nuevo León, Mexico, 2009–2014

Cleomar Antonio Zocholini,
Eurico De Oliveira Santos,
The family-based agroecological production: a space for sustainable development of rural tourism

Carmen Bizzarri,
The new land use in urban areas: social agriculture in the case study of Rome

Rosane Maria Lanzer,
Leonardo Reichert,
Leidh Jeane Sampietro Pinto,
Denise de Souza,
The use of biodiversity in the Brazilian tourism promotion: analysis of state tourism websites

Roslaine Kovalczuk de Oliveira Garcia,
Alexandra Marcella Zottis,
Daniel Vicente Bohno,
Tourism and gastronomy: opportunities to rural communities

Paula Carina Mayer da Silva,
Ana Roberta Trentin de Bittencourt,
Eurico De Oliveira Santos,
Lizbeth Souza-Fuertes,
Turnover in rural hospitality: the case of family rural properties in the southern half of Rio Grande do Sul

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