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Kwartalnik Pedagogiczny 2022/2 (264)

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The volume comprises seven papers tackling important but seldom raised problems of present-day education and education research. Their authors are young scholars from Poland and abroad as well as eminent researchers of educational reality. In her survey... czytaj więcej

Kwartalnik Pedagogiczny 2022/2 (264)

Redaktr naczelna Joanna Madalińska-Michalak
Name of the series / journal: Kwartalnik Pedagogiczny
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Warszawa 2022
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Praca naukowa
Education Research Quarterly 2022/2

The volume comprises seven papers tackling important but seldom raised problems of present-day education and education research. Their authors are young scholars from Poland and abroad as well as eminent researchers of educational reality.

In her survey article, Alsu Shukmaeva sets out to systematise the state of research on students’ fear of mathematics as a subject taught in schools. She focuses particularly on the family, school and peer group as factors playing a crucial role in the development of the fear. She also discusses the tools used to measure its level in different age groups and analyses the explanations given for the relationship between the fear and students’ mathematical accomplishments, taking into account studies on emotions and child brain activity.

Małgorzata Kamińska’s research shows that teachers and school principals are decisive proponents of team work. However, her interviewees are sceptical about the ways in which the values behind team work are applied in school practice. They point out symptoms testifying to the isolationist character of a teacher’s work and to a domination of ways of thinking and acting that are characteristic of an individualist and competitive culture. The research results draw our attention to propositions aimed at improving the quality of team work.

Yedil Nurymbetov described newest educational reforms in Kazakhstan and their impact on teacher training and the perception of teachers as a profession. The author puts forward a thesis that one of the main factors contributing to the profession’s attractiveness is that it is chosen by some of the most gifted high school students. The presented research results prove that the reforms, implemented with a view to boost the prestige of teachers, have given positive effects.

Urszula Dobrosielska, in an article inspired by Jan Błoński’s thought, presents the educational possibilities of texts afforded by literary criticism and hermeneutics. The author scrutinises Błoński’s work for an interpretive approach to the educational importance of literature, while reflecting on the notions of sensibility and tradition.

Marek Jurczyszyn’s text is a reconstruction of the premises behind Locke’s proposition regarding moral education. The author points to the priorities of education, including especially fostering the development of moral virtues.

Karolina Czerwiec presents an analysis of the experience of parents of intersex children in terms of the formation of their children’s gender identity within the context of societal and educational conditioning. Czerwiec’s research used the interpretive paradigm and methodology of the case study. Her findings demonstrate that a parent of an intersex child needs support from doctors, psychologists and family members as well as a safe social space.

Ewelina Franczyk-Sikorska examines the basic premises of animal-assisted therapy, the directives on its use, and the goals that may be reached with its help. She shows that the way Polish law regulates the working conditions and requirements one has to meet to use it does not satisfactorily comply with the guidelines of the International Association of Human-Animal Interaction Organizations (IAHAIO).

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