DOI structure

A DOI is a type of Handle System handle, which takes the form of a character string divided into two parts, a prefix and a suffix, separated by a slash. „/”:

is constant and unchanging for a given organizational unit. It consists of two parts separated by a dot: 10 and the unit identification number. When registering a new user, the WUP coordinator provides the unit's identification number to the coordinator in a given organizational unit.
construction of the prefix:
10.the unit's identification number/
e.g.: 10.351247/

must be a unique string of any number of characters. Sufix is individually assigned by the person registering the material. It can look any way you like, but we suggest:


1. /uw. – facilitates publication recognition

2. /uw.number ISBN
e.g.: 10.351247/uw.97883235155427

3. /uw.number ISBN of all publikation.pp.start page-end page – for a chapter in a collective publication
e.g.: 10.351247/uw.97883235155427.pp.22-45


sufix for article in the journal
/uw. – facilitates publication recognition

/uw.number ISSN or abbreviation of the journal title

e.g.: 10.7311/0860-5734.28.2.01

/uw. number ISSN or abbreviation of the journal title.edition year.issue.article's start page-article's end page

Or ahead of print/article in press – for publications before being assigned to a specific number

e.g.: /uw.01374346.28.pp.15-65

It is recommended that the suffix for journals has a permanent element, characteristic for a given title (e.g. abbreviation of the journal title / ISSN) and an individual part concerning a specific article. Do not create numbers using only:
- page numbers
- authors' names
- volume numbering and number
It is recommended that the suffix be a combination of at least a few elements to be a unique string.

The DOI number is an item that cannot be updated or corrected. It is broadcast once for a specific position and cannot be changed. However, you can update metadata, e.g. URL

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