Studia Interkulturowe Europy Środkowo-Wschodniej


The annual of humanities issued since 2007. The journal proposes a broader understanding of Europe, with its limits reaching further to the east, the west and the south, as opposed to the image of Europe endorsed after the Second World War. Thus, the journal aims at showing the unity of development of the nations of Germany and Austria, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, Russia, Belarus and Ukraine, as well as the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary.

The journal discusses topics from various disciplines: history, political science, international relations, religion, linguistics, literary studies, as well as culture and art of the countries within the boundaries of the region. Both Polish and foreign scientists publish their articles in the journal. Readers can gain a profound knowledge of the topic of interest to them, familiarise themselves with the state of the art, and get to know opinions by scientists of various ethnic origins and representing distinct schools and scientific approaches. Hence, the journal is addressed in particular to all interested in broadly defined topic of Central and Eastern Europe.


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Ostatnio oglądane
Europejczycy, Afrykanie, Inni. Studia ofiarowane Profesorowi Michałowi Tymowskiemu
Europejczycy, Afrykanie, Inni. Studia ofiarowane Profesorowi Michałowi Tymowskiemu
Praca składa się z czterdziestu artykułów polskich i zagranicznych badaczy. Jeśli chodzi o zakres chronologiczny, to obejmuje ona czasy od średniowiecza po współczesność, a geograficznie – obszary Europy, Afryki, Azji, Ameryki. Jest to księga pamiątkowa
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