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The annual devoted to the current issues concerning Ukraine, the research in the field of broadly defined linguistics, literature and culture. The journal is a place integrating the Ukrainian studies and the scientific community, a forum for exchange of thoughts and views of the researchers from Poland, Ukraine and other European countries. The results of studies presented in the journal are of an interdisciplinary character and extend beyond the scope of traditional academic disciplines.


According to the announcement of the Minister of Education and Science of December 1, 2021, the journal is present on the new list with a score of 20 points.


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Ostatnio oglądane
Doświadczanie czasu w przestrzeni archiwum
Doświadczanie czasu w przestrzeni archiwumUlicka Danuta (ORCID 0000-0001-6638-6661)
  • The main problem discussed in the book is the experience of time deposited in the memory of culture – its texts, pre-texts and “beyond-texts” collected in archives. Memory is accompanied – also on a cultural scale – by forgetting. Both of these integrally
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