In which text editor should I submit my text?

We ask that the text be saved in Word, and it is recommended that:

  • do not format the text
  • do not use hard spaces
  • do not enter automatic links (eg. between table of contents, list of illustrations and text)
  • deliver a Word file to the publisher (do not convert the Word file to a PDF file!)

For mathematical publications please text in the LATEX editor. A pdf file (for review and editorial purposes) and a LATEX source file should be provided to the publisher.

How to name files transferred to the publisher?

Please do not use in file names:

  • dots (a dot only separates the file name from the extension)
  • Polish diacritical marks

In file names use underscores instead of spaces, and make sure that the file name always includes the extension
. zrodla_do_dziejow_wersja3.docx

In what form should the publishing illustrations be submitted for publication?

Additional information

  • we can reproduce inferior files only in a small size
  • alldescriptions in the illustrations should be unified in terms of language / terminology and technology (typeface, font size, bold, italics).
  • attach a file containing captions to the illustrations, specifying the sources from which the illustrations were taken
  • graphic files should be delivered in a separate catalog, numbered according to the order in which they appear at work, and references should be made to them in the work content, eg "here illustration 1 ..."
  • for the convenience of the author, reviewer, editor, provide the so-called typescript, i.e. an electronic file containing the publication text saved in a text editor with illustrations, but it should be remembered that illustrations embedded in the text are not suitable for use in preparing the file for printing, and therefore all illustrations should also be provided in separate files (see section above).

How to provide publishing materials for publishing?

Materials intended for issue can be:

  • send by email
  • via the WeTransfer application – especially for very heavy files (with many graphic elements) or containing: special characters, mathematical, physical, chemical formulas, letters of non-Polish alphabets, etc., it is recommended to use the WeTransfer application
  • deliver on on a pendrive
  • after agreeing with the leading editor and obtaining the access password, it is possible to place files on the publisher's FTP site.