The procedure for submitting a magazine to the Warsaw University Press (WUP)

The notification should be sent to the following address:


  • in the case of a paper journal, please provide the WUW headquarters (Nowy Świat 4, room 123) 1 copy of the last issue;
  • in the case of an online magazine, provide a link to the latest issue

Data on the journal submitted for publication in the WUP

  1. Name of the University of Warsaw unit from which the Editors of the journal originate
  2. Details of the person authorized to contact the WUP:
    • name and surname,
    • the function performed in the editorial office of the journal,
    • email address,
    • phone number.
  3. Journal title.
  4. Copy of the journal's court register.
  5. ISSN and e-ISSN number (if assigned).
  6. Frequency of publication of the journal.
  7. Form of publication:
    • paper version,
    • paper and online version,
    • online version.
  8. The method of distribution:
    • paid,
    • open access.
  9. Print edition of the paper version:
    • the number of paid copies,
    • the number of free copies (original copies + editorial copies + 17 obligatory copies for libraries).
  10. Price of 1 copy of the journal
  11. Type of binding:
    • hard,
    • soft.
  12. Interior colors:
    • black-and-white,
    • colorful.
  13. Language in which the journal is published.
  14. Do abstracts require English translation or language verification.

Details the issue of the journal

  1. Number volume - number of characters with spaces (calculated with footnotes). In the case of numbers issued in different languages, please provide separately the volume (number of characters with spaces) of foreign texts.
  2. Number of illustrations:
    • number of photos,
    • number of photos,
    • number of maps.
  3. Scope of work:
    • editorial study,
    • 1st and 2nd editorial correction, revision,
    • online version typesetting,
    • printing.