Rules for create DOI numbers to publications issued by University of Warsaw

What are DOI and ORCID?

DOI (Digital Object Identification) – a digital identifier of any subject of intellectual property, whose task is to constantly identify this subject in digital networks in connection with current data on it.One DOI identifier is assigned only to one electronic document and allows it to be assigned a permanent designation that is independent of its current physical location in the network, i.e. the URL address.

The DOI number is not assigned, but is individually created by the registrant.

ORCID (Open Researcher and Contributor ID) – code created to identify the authors and co-authors of scientific and academic publications; in leading indexing databases it enables automatic assignment of publications to the author and counting his achievements. More info on page

The agreement concluded with the University of Warsaw with CrossRef enables creating DOI numbers to scientific publications, issued by organizational units of the University of Warsaw.

University organizational units should have valid agreements with the authors of the texts to enable publication distribution.

One of the conditions of the agreement between the University of Warsaw and Crossref, regarding the assignment of DOI numbers, is to make published works available to the Similarity Check system. It is a text database used by the iThenticate anti-plagiarism system. Failure to comply with this condition of the contract may impose high penalties on the University of Warsaw and / or prevent the use of the anti-plagiarism system.

The costs of assigning DOI numbers are incurredby the University of Warsaw organizational units. Administrative services and settlements are carried out by the Warsaw University Press (WUP).

What is necessary to give a DOI number?

  • book / journal title
  • work / chapter title
  • year of publication
  • authors (affiliations are recommended because they allow identification and appropriate assignment of the work to the author)
  • the full text of the book / chapter / magazine / article is available on the Internet at an individual URL address, whether in free or paid form
  • you should always register references / bibliography for the entered materials and enter a verified list (providing DOI numbers) for the registered work.

Rules for assigning DOI numbers at the University of Warsaw

  1. Only organizational units of the University of Warsaw (faculties, inter-faculty units, university-wide units, etc.) that can be found in the attached list of units.

  2. may join the cooperation. The head of the organizational unit appoints a coordinator - a person responsible for assigning DOI numbers to scientific publications issued by a given unit and cooperating with the WUP coordinator. Information on willingness to cooperate with CrossRef with the following data:
    • name of the organizational unit,
    • name of the coordinator,
    • coordinator's email address,
    • coordinator's phone
    should be sent to the WUP coordinator.

  3. The WUP coordinator reports a new user to CrossRef and provides the coordinator in a given organizational unit with data to log in to the CrossRef website and register scientific publications.

Tasks and responsibilities of the coordinator in the University of Warsaw organizational unit

  1. He/she represents the organizational unit of the University of Warsaw and cooperates with the WUP coordinator in matters related to DOI numbers and the use of the anti-plagiarism system.

  2. He has and manages the login data at, assigned to the given organizational unit.

  3. He/she can provide login information to editors, authors and other persons from a given organizational unit who will enter into CrossRef publication data issued by that organizational unit and assign DOI numbers to them.

  4. He/she assigns and coordinates the assigning of DOI numbers to publications issued by a given organizational unit.

  5. He/she is responsible for the correct and consistent with CrossRef guidelines input of publication metadata, issued by the given unit, to the CrossRef website (, required to assign a DOI number.

  6. He/she is responsible for timely settlement (payment) of internal debit notes for assigned DOI numbers and settlements within a given organizational unit.

  7. He/she checks the actual financial and other reports received from CrossRef regarding registered DOI numbers. In the event of non-compliance, contact the WUP coordinator.

Settlements and payments

  1. The organizational unit receives an internal debit note issued by WUP for DOI numbers and services provided by the WUP.

  2. 23% VAT and 10% for administrative services will be added to the amount for DOI numbers assigned in a given settlement period, calculated according to the Crossref price list.

Contact persons:

1. Coordinator WUP: Katarzyna Kowalska WUW
2. Settlement: Grażyna Różańska WUW
3. Substantive matters: Joanna Lewczuk Office of the Rector for Scientific Affairs.

Detailed instructions for coordinators in UW units:

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