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Aegyptus et Nubia Christiana. The Włodzimierz Godlewski jubilee volume on the occasion of his 70th birthday – PDF

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The volume brings together 36 fully peer-reviewed contributions in the field of Christian Egypt and Nubia studies, mirroring a lifetime of academic achievement by Prof. Włodzimierz Godlewski, in whose honor this jubilee book has been produced... czytaj więcej

Aegyptus et Nubia Christiana. The Włodzimierz Godlewski jubilee volume on the occasion of his 70th birthday – PDF

Redakcja Adam Łajtar, Iwona Zych, Artur Obłuski
Date of realise: 2021-05-13
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Warszawa 2020
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The volume brings together 36 fully peer-reviewed contributions in the field of Christian Egypt and Nubia studies, mirroring a lifetime of academic achievement by Prof. Włodzimierz Godlewski, in whose honor this jubilee book has been produced. The contributing scholars are both colleagues and associates, and the subjects they take up in their studies are focused on issues of archaeology, epigraphy, iconography, ceramics and material culture, as well as history of medieval and post-medieval Egypt and Nubia.

In several cases, the articles concern material from two sites, Naqlun in Egypt and Dongola in Nubia, where Godlewski has conducted and directed research. Thus, for Naqlun we have the functionaries of the Nekloni monastery (T. Derda and J. Wegner), literary culture (A. Delattre and N. Vanthieghem, J. van der Vliet) as well as ceramics (T. Górecki) and glass vessels (M. Mossakowska-Gaubert), and architecture of the monastic complex from Naqlun (S. Maślak). For Old Dongola there is a study of Egyptian amphorae with dipinti (K. Danys and A. Łajtar) and costume of monks in wall paintings (K. Innemée). Broader studies concern issues like the functioning of a pilgrimage sanctuary in Egypt in late antiquity (E. Wipszycka), wine consumption and usage in Egypt’s monastic communities in the 6th–8th century (D. Dzierzbicka), aspects of the role of Archangel Raphael in Christian Nubia (M. Łaptaś), observations on the origins of “apse portraits” in Nubian royal iconography (M. Woźniak), the ideology and function of the northern pastophorium of Nubian churches based on inscriptions and paintings (A. Łajtar and D. Zielińska). Church architecture is taken up by P. Grossmann for Egypt and Nubia, and A. Obłuski for Nubia. W. Y. Adams gives an overview of evolution and revolution in Nubian pottery, J. R. Anderson and A. Harrison present unique hair textiles from British Museum excavations in Kulubnarti, while A. Boud’hors and E. Garel discuss what remains of the monastery library in Deir el-Bahari (a monograph of which was published by Godlewski early in his academic career). The history of Baybars’ Nubian conquests is taken up by R. Seignobos. Contributions have been offered also by Nettie Adams, M. Barwik, D. Edwards, K. Grzymski, B. Lichocka, A. Łukaszewicz, G. Ochała, M. Rassart-Debergh, T.S. Richter, G.R. Ruffini, H. and A. Tsakos, J. Then-Obłuska, G. van Loon, D. Welsby, I. Zych and B. Żurawski.

The publication is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Poland license (CC BY 3.0 PL) (full license available at:

Keywords: Egypt, Byzantium, Christian Nubia, archeology, Włodzimierz Godlewski.

Tomasz Derda,
Joanna Wegner,
Πατέρες τοῦ ἁγίου Νεκλονίου. Functionaries of the Naqlun monastery in the first two centuries of its existence

Gertrud J.M. van Loon,
“...that the mountain of the holy wilderness may be inhabited...”: Saint John the Baptist in the Infancy scenes in the narthex of the Quarry Church of Dayr Abu H. innis

Jacques van der Vliet,
“Alone in Naqlun”: A fresh look at the Bohairic letter P. Lond. Copt. I, 590 (2) (British Library Or. 4720 [31], vo)

Iwona Zych,
A monastic library at Nekloni?

Mirosław Barwik,
A record of offerings from the Temple of Hatshepsut in Deir el-Bahari: ostracon DeB Inv. No. 85/75 reconsidered

Barbara Lichocka,
A stray late Roman coin from the Temple of Hatshepsut at Deir el-Bahari

David N. Edwards,
Among the rocks: A first look at medieval Duweishat, from the archive

Magdalena Łaptaś,
Archangel Raphael as protector, demon tamer, guide and healer. Some aspects of the Archangel’s activities in Nubian painting

Bogdan Żurawski,
Banganarti Nativity: Enkolpion with scene of the Birth of Jesus from House BA/2015 in Banganartit

Krzysztof Grzymski,
Beyond Old Dongola: The multicomponent site of Hag Magid (Letti Basin)

Adam Łukaszewicz,
Cleopatra and kandake

Giovanni R. Ruffini,
Dotawo’s later dynasties: a speculative history

Katarzyna Danys,
Adam Łajtar ,
Egyptian amphorae LR 5/6 with Greek dipinti found in Dongola

Tonio Sebastian Richter,
Eine koptische und eine arabische Bauinschrift zwischen Assuan und Kom Ombo

William Y. Adams,
Evolution and revolution in Nubian pottery

Robin Seignobos,
La liste des conquetes nubiennes de Baybars selon Ibn Šaddad (1217–1285)

Marguerite Rassart-Debergh,
Les Kellia, 1965–2015

Alain Delattre,
Naim Vanthieghem,
Les trois « colophons » de l’Évangile de Jean découvert a NaqluŻn

Karel C. Innemée,
Monks and bishops in Old Dongola, and what their costumes can tell us

Artur Obłuski,
Nobadian and Makurian church architecture. Qasr el-Wizz, a case study

Henriette Hafsaas-Tsakos,
Alexandros Tsakos ,
Nubian cathedrals with granite columns: A view from Sai Island

Derek A. Welsby,
Observations on the graves of the medieval period in the SARS concession at the Fourth Cataract

Tomasz Górecki,
Phasing out LRA 7 amphorae in favor of new wine containers: Preliminary remarks based on finds from excavations in Naqlun

Anne Boud’hors,
Esther Garel,
Que reste-t-il de la bibliotheque du monastere de Saint-Phoibammon a Deir el-Bahari?

Ewa Wipszycka-Bravo,
Saint Claude a Pohe : un exemple de fonctionnement d’un sanctuaire de pelerinage dans l’Égypte de l’Antiquité tardive

Julie Renée Anderson,
Anna Harrison,
Some unique medieval Nubian textiles in the British Museum collections

Peter Grossmann,
Spätantike und mittelalterliche Vierstützenkirchen in Ägypten

Joanna Then-Obłuska,
The ‘bead-side’ story of medieval and post-medieval Nubia: Tentative approach to the bead collection of the Museum of Archaeology University of Stavanger, Norway

Szymon Maślak,
The burning of a monastery? Story blazed on the walls of monastic buildings at Nekloni (Naqlun)

Magdalena M. Woźniak,
The chronology of the eastern chapels in the Upper Church at Banganarti: Some observations on the genesis of “apse portraits” in Nubian royal iconography

Nettie K. Adams,
The lions of Qasr Ibrim

Adam Łajtar,
Dobrochna Zielińska,
The northern pastophorium of Nubian churches: ideology and function (on the basis of inscriptions and paintings)

Marta Osypińska,
The pig — a mystery of medieval Makuria

Maria Mossakowska-Gaubert,
Verres décorés d’époque arabe médiévale (VIIIe–XIIIe siecles) : quelques exemples provenant de Naqlun

Grzegorz Ochała,
When epigraphy meets art history: On St Phoibammon from Abdallah-n Irqi

Dorota Dzierzbicka,
Wine consumption and usage in Egypt’s monastic communities (6th–8th century)