Problemy literatury i kultury modernizmu w Europie Środkowo-Wschodniej (1867-1918)


A collection of texts on issues relevant to the construction of a map of modernisms in Central and Eastern Europe in the years 1867–1918, discussing identity transformations, shaping ideological currents in the region and the search for the concept of nationality and European community, the renewal of spirituality, redefinitions of corporeality in the cultural space, and the impact of Freudism. analytical researchers of this period, enriched with valuable indexes, are a rich source of knowledge for literary scholars, cultural scientists, sociologists, ethnologists, as well as literary and film critics, interested in the so far poorly described subject of modernism in this region.


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Joan Didion
Joan Didion
  • Joan Didion to wybitna postać amerykańskiej sceny literackiej drugiej połowy XX wieku i przełomu stuleci, powieściopisarka, dziennikarka, eseistka i autorka scenariuszy. Urodziła się w 1934 roku w Sacramento w rodzinie odwołującej się do etosu
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