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Nanorurki węglowe. Otrzymywanie, charakterystyka, zastosowania (PDF)

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The monograph summarizes over 20 years of research on carbon nanotubes (NRW) and presents the main research directions of these "black diamonds of the 21st century". It presents the latest state of knowledge about the physicochemistry of nanotubes... czytaj więcej

Nanorurki węglowe. Otrzymywanie, charakterystyka, zastosowania (PDF)

Andrzej Huczko, Magdalena Kurcz, Magdalena Popławska
Name of the series / journal: Świat Nanotechnologii
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Warszawa 2014
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Carbon Nanotubes. Preparation, characteristics, applications

The monograph summarizes over 20 years of studies on carbon nanotubes as well as main directions of research on these "black diamonds of the 21st century". The work presents state-of-the art knowledge as to all basic areas of physical chemistry of carbon nanotubes based on publicly available source materials (publications and scientific books, conference materials, Internet data, patents). Obviously, this monograph is just a broad overview of the current knowledge, as tens of thousands of publications have been released on this subject; moreover, the range of applications of the biggest concerns may be inferred only on the basis of publicly available patents.

In the following chapters of this book the main issues discussed are: development of nanotechnology, history of discovering nanotubes, laboratory and technological methods of their synthesis, separation and purification, finally identification and characterization techniques together with morphological characteristics and growht mechanisms of nanotubes, as well as their present and potential applications. Special attention has been devoted to domestic studies on nanotubes with the focus on the results of more than a dozen years of research conducted in the Laboratory of Physics and Chemistry of Nanomaterials (the Faculty of Chemistry, University of Warsaw). A separate chapter discusses a large number of patent issues, including the most prospective directions of research and applications of carbon nanotubes.

The monograph is intended for a broad spectrum of readers – both students at universities of technology (faculties of chemistry, physics, electronics and materials engineering) and chemists, physicists, as well as scientists conducting interdisciplinary studies on carbon nanotubes – regarding electronics, materials engineering, catalysis, photoelectronics etc.

Rich in illustrations monograph is written with accessible language, which makes it almost popular science publication, however 2,500 references, provide the people interested in the subject with a great number of specialist details on carbon nanotubes.

Keywords: nanotechnology, chemistry, carbon nanotubes, physical chemistry of carbon nanotubes.

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Magdalena Kurcz
Charakterystyka fizykochemiczna nanorurek węglowych

Magdalena Kurcz
Andrzej Huczko
Krajowe badania nanorurek węglowych

Magdalena Popławska
Modyfikacja i funkcjonalizacja nanorurek węglowych

Andrzej Huczko
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Otrzymywanie nanorurek węglowych

Andrzej Huczko
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Andrzej Huczko

Magdalena Kurcz
Zastosowania nanorurek węglowych

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