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Długie średniowiecze - PDF

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The book is a collection of articles by Jacques Le Goff published in the journal L`Histoire in 1980-2004. They constitute a successful form of popularizing the author's main research theses regarding the Middle Ages... czytaj więcej

Długie średniowiecze - PDF

Jacques Le Goff
Place and year of publication: Warszawa 2007
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Place and year of publication:
Warszawa 2007
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Żurowska Maria
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Praca naukowa
The Long Middle Ages

A collection of articles by Jacques Le Goff published in the journal L'Histoire in 1980–2004. The publication presents a popular form of the author's main thesis regarding the Middle Ages being seen as an epoch in which certain phenomena influencing world civilization were born, lasting up to the beginning of the nineteenth century. Articles cover both general issues (prevailing ideology, mentality of elites and masses) and those characteristic for the Middle Ages (such as the Crusades, and orders of beggars). The author also discusses role-models of the epoch, such as Saint Louis.

Keywords: Middle Ages, long duration, crusades, orders of beggars, Saint Louis.

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