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Mitologia Słowian

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The book introduces the mythology of the Slavs, understood as a system of allegories, symbols, personifications, expressing the attitude of man to the world. For over 20 years it has been used as a teaching aid in many university faculties. A new release... czytaj więcej

Mitologia Słowian

Aleksander Gieysztor
Name of the series / journal: Communicare - historia i kultura
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Place and year of publication:
Warszawa 2006
Publication language:
Modzelewski Karol
Słupecki Leszek P.
Pieniądz Aneta
Number of page:
13,5x20,5 cm
510 g
Publication type:
Praca naukowa
Mythology of Slavs

The mythology of Slavs understood as a system of allegories, symbols, personifications, presenting the attitude of man to the world. For more than 20 years, it has been a teaching aid in many university courses. The new edition includes, among others, the footnotes and bibliography prepared partly by Aleksander Gieysztor, partly by Aneta Pieniądz and the publisher on the basis of the material retained in the author’s posthumous legacy.

Keywords: Slavs, mythology, Slavic deities, archeology, Polish medievalistics, cultural anthropology, ethnology, comparative mythology.

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Aleksander Gieysztor (1916-1999) − Polish medievalist, professor of medieval Polish history and auxiliary sciences of history at the University of Warsaw, director of the Historical Institute of the University of Warsaw until 1975, long-term director (1980-1991) of the Royal Castle. One of the founders (1994) of the College of Humanities in Pułtusk, which since 2002 bears his name.

Author and co-author of several hundred publications, such as: Historia Polski (1947), Ze studiów nad genezą wypraw krzyżowych (1948), Zarys nauk pomocniczych historii (1948), Sposoby rozumowania i postępowania historyków (1967), Dzieje sztuki polskiej (1971), Zarys dziejów pisma łacińskiego (1972), Zamek Królewski w Warszawie (1973), Społeczeństwo Warszawy w średniowieczu i dawnej Rzeczypospolitej (1977), Stare Miasto i Zamek Królewski w Warszawie (1988).

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